Collection: Naaz

"We outgrow love like other things and put it in a drawer, till it an antique fashion shows like costumes grandsires wore." — Emily Dickinson

One of the unique selling points of Indian Dresses or Ethnic Wear is the rich Zari work. From exquisite sari brocade work and beautiful handmade Zardosi patterns, you are most likely to get bedazzled by the nuanced artistry and creativity of our artisans. There’s a feeling of unmatched resplendence that emerges from the 'Naaz' Collection you’ll find here, at the Milk Design Shop.

Find the regal-looking, bold 'Ghazal' long suit, revel in the joy of adding a classic 'Ghalib' outfit to your festive wardrobe or go in for an elegantly embroidered 'Mughal' to make your appearance as a gorgeous bridesmaid. The delicate handiwork of silver and golden threads (primarily made of silk) in Indian Salwar Kameez Designs is equally complex and mesmerising. It might surprise you to note that it was the Mughal Rulers of India, who first patronised this full-fledged art form and popularised it across the Indian sub continent. While threads made of gold and silver were used back then (given the overflowing royal coffers), the Zari work that is more popular and practical today, involves the use of metallic threads along with imitation ones. So get home these much-coveted, dazzling ensembles!